Giving Back As We Build Our Brand

Aloha from Go Outside Now

Our mantra . . . Go Outside Now!

The hope . . . to build a line of quality products that remind of our mantra, our call to action ~ Go Outside Now!

Just the beginning . . . We are not partnered yet, but, as a business our goal is to build partnerships with both local and global non-profit organizations that are making an impact protecting our beauitful planet and all forms of life that inhabit it by contributing a portion of our gross profits to there cause.

Our first step . . . to continue to build our product line in fun and creative ways, with themes of nature that inspire support from customers who enjoy our products.

Our Second Step . . . will be to partner with non-profit businesses that appreciate our growing ability to contribute a portion of our profits to their causes.

We are not there yet! . . .We are just beginning our journey and hope you support & join us for the ride.


Earth, Wind and Wave